So starts another Sunday.

Just under two weeks to go before we head out to PNG so I have to grab every chance to train.  Knowing that the better half is curled up in a warm bed (probably with the megasaurus mut)  doesn’t  help the motivation.

So, out of the warm car, on with the pack, adjust the walking poles and off up the track. Sun rise is still an hour off  so just as well I have done this a few times before as the track under the wildly windswept canopy is pitch black.  Eventually the eyes adjust and the starlight gives a rough outline of the track.  The howling wind and the thrashing trees add a rather foreboding and eerie feeling.

I am on my way back down from the summit well before dawn breaks.

Two more times up and down and  a walk up the fire trail for some variation.  This repetition can get boring but this hill is the best piece of steep training ground within easy reach of home, climbing  350 metres in elevation over less than 2 kilometres.

I can’t help but think how different this is going to be to the jungle tracks of  Kokoda. Here I am trying to keep the circulation going in half frozen hands when in less than two weeks we are going to be sweltering in the tropical humidity.

Kinda looking forward to it.

Looking towards Newcastle on the 1st descent 10-7-2011