We have all been back into our training regimes with varying success. The timing (over Christmas) has been a challenge for me however I am finally getting into the groove.

My main training activity is carrying a 20+kg pack over beach, hill and scrub with early morning starts being the go to beat the record heat waves that we have been experiencing here.

The South Coast Track has been a somewhat daunting presence on my “Bucket List” for some time and I am finding it difficult to really believe that I will be undertaking this iconic trip in just under a month.

There is plenty of motivation at the moment to make sure I not only survive the trip but am fit enough to really enjoy it. It is really good to be feeling fit….. again ( I have a history of committing to an endurance walks , getting fit, completing the trek and then  letting go of the fitness only to start the cycle all over again).

However I am feeling equally good about us  getting the message out that the simplest and most valuable thing that we can all do for  people living with an autism spectrum disorder (and anyone with a different ability for that matter)  is to give them some understanding. If we can alleviate just one painful experience through our informed  interaction we will have made a difference.

This week’s training walk was wet and cool!  A big change from the 40+ heat during the week.  Here are some pics of the day.

Happy trails.


View to the beach over the lagoon

Looking South to RedHead

Belmore beach looking North

Scroggin break

The beach all to myself just a couple of klms from the CBD