Update from Kokoda Trekkers

On July 27, 2011, in Kokoda, by Nathan

The Kokoda Trekking folk have updated their site with news from Dad’s walk. There is some great info and lots and lots of photos. You can follow the red link on the front page, or click here. Everyone is looking healthy and excited, though I am amused that Dad seems to manage to squeeze behind someone else in almost every group photograph! Below is a pic of all four Step  Up 4 Autism walkers, where Dad isn’t hiding.

The last post says the trekkers are all doing well and are on their way Agulogo. They are halfway today and I am very excited for them.

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And they’re off!

On July 23, 2011, in Kokoda, by Nathan

I dropped Dad off at the airport today. He was flying to Brisbane, and then on to Port Moresby. I got the impression he was filled with equal parts excitement and trepidation, which is totally understandable. Dad, John, Steve and Ian are about to embark on an amazing, difficult and important journey. I think I would be filled with excitement and trepidation too.

I will be updating this site while the guys are away. You can also keep an eye on what they are up to and where they are at by following the links on the front page. They will both go live on Monday when the trek officially starts. The first one (in red) will take you to the Kokoda Trekking site where the guides will be keeping us informed of their progress. The second link (in green) will let you follow the guys via GPS, thanks to a handy device that John will be carrying.

Finally, here are some snaps of dad as he was getting ready to leave today.

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